Founded in 2008, Horse guided Empowerment© is a unique method for motivating deep personal change in coaching and therapy sessions for groups, individuals and families.

Horses communicate through emotions and they are constantly scanning others for the slightest change in their body language. They are social animals that need authentic, congruent and predictable behavior in order to maintain harmony and safety in their herd. During our sessions and retreats the horses will reflect your emotions and serve as metaphors for hidden thoughts, patterns or early affirmations. They do not judge or manipulate us, and they can not be fooled by our masks as they react to the feelings behind our actions. Christina Marz, family counselor, trauma specialist and natural horsemanship expert, ​will ​supervise your self reflection to help you learn what slows you down, what blocks or motivates you and where you can find support for positive change. The feedback provided by the horses comes with impressive images that are easy to remember and support your personal growth.​ ​

We offer individual and group sessions, practitioner training, Horse & Yoga Retreats, Natural horsemanship clinics in South America and Europe.
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Retreats ​include Yoga in the presence of the herd and activities that will allow you to see horses in a life changing way. Previous experience with horses is welcome but not necessary. No riding involved, all activities are done from the ground.

Christina & Flamenco
Christina & Flamenco

Horse Guided Empowerment is an eclectic and integrative method. It may be adapted to all kinds of equestrian and coaching disciplines, for teacher training, riding lessons, therapeutic purposes, and learning experiments. It is an open source, because it is about connecting to the intuitive competence of the horse. My interest is to empower and inspire not only my clients but also those who already work in therapeutic settings with horses and those who would like to specialize in this field. Discovering this method truly was empowering for myself as much as for my clients — not to mention the horses.
I want to empower YOU to trust the horse, to let the horse get involved in a way that you would never have dreamed possible.

May the horse be with you!

Fondly, Christina Marz Ring