We love horses and when it comes to combining Horse guided Empowerment with other topics we are quite creative. Over the years we have formed alliances with all kinds of professionals: psychologists, coaches, painters, musicians, equestrian professionals and veterinarians.
Most of the services and workshops mentioned below are tailor made to your requirements. Please contact us to talk about details.

Work related:

    Team building workshops

    Facilitator Training (in spanish) read more

    Assertiveness Training for Teachers

    Empathy Training for Doctors and Nurses

Personal Growth:

    Group Counseling for teens and adults

     Group Counseling for specific populations (addiction, divorce, grief,…)

      Counseling and Coaching Sessions

      Empowerment for Special Needs Children Read more

     Family Retreat

Recreational Activities:

     Equine Art Workshop

     Concerts with the Herd

Equestrian Activities:

     Equinology Talk

     Natural Horsemanship Workshops

    Academy for Haciendas and Riders