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Do I need experience with horses?

My retreats and sessions do not require any experience with horses. Most activities are done from the ground, no riding is required. The session will be adapted to your level of fitness and connection with the herd. We work with people of all age, including the special needs population. Please reach out to discuss your personal needs.

Do I have to travel to Ecuador?

To work with my herd, yes. I do not offer online therapy sessions with my horses. However, I have formed hundreds of colleagues in 30+ countries worldwide and many of them lead retreats and private sessions with their horses. Please reach out to find a herd in your area.

Can I learn your method?

Absolutely! So happy you asked, that means more horses will be heard and more people will benefit from their unique wisdom. I teach online and you practice with your own horses. Find my courses at my main website christinamarz.com or reach out and I´ll guide you.

What are your credentials?

I have studied clinical psychology in Germany. I am a certified trauma and grief counselor, couples therapist, REBT Mindset coach, family constelator and HeartMath® trainer. I´m also a homeschool Mum of 3 boys, horse whisperer, published author and transformational speaker. Please reach out to receive more detailed information about this.

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