Horse wisdom for life coaching: transformational growth on all levels with Christina Marz & her worldwide team

Several continents, different activities,

a variety of facilitators and dates all around the year. You will find your perfect retreat!

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Life Changes in Ecuador with Christina Marz

2024 only private, flexible departures

Constellations with horses, trauma-informed coaching, business mentoring, HeartMath®, Embodiment, Andean mountain village, no riding, rich culture, healthy food, single rooms; $$

Blank Canvas in Georgia (EU)

6 days with Monica Kubik & Mayu Ollero; October 2024

Sound Healing, Embodiment, 100+ horses

Optional (long) riding, small group, rich culture, healthy food, shared rooms; $$$

The Happiness Frequency in Zanzibar

6 days with Natascha Enriquez & Monica Kubik; June 15-20th, 2024

Yoga, nutrition, pool, small group,

optional swimming with horses, rich culture, healthy food, private villa; $$$$

Shifting Tides in Galapagos

Private, flexible departures with Claudia Moreno, founder of Galagos Horse Friends

Rescued herd, yoga, no riding, private departure,

rich wildlife, island, beach nearby; $ - $$

Re-connecting to Earth in Canada, BC

3 days with Shauntelle Harding,
July 11-14th, 2024

Stunning nature, off the grid, rescued herd, no riding, mindfulness, nutrition, herbal medicine, sweat lodge; $

We go above and beyond for you

Unique herds

We hand-pick locations and prepare the horses to guarantee the best support for you.

Certified leaders

All retreat leaders are certified in Horse Guided Empowerment® and receive supervision

Crafted programs

While horses are our main focus we add a variety of activities that help you reach your goals.

Small groups

We want to have time for each individual process



It´s much more than hanging out with horses. Each retreat has a specific purpose

Professional support

Each departure is supported by experienced travel agencies

Affordable tuition

A retreat is an investment but we keep the price fair, transparent and manageable

Unique locations

Each location offers an amazing cultural or nature experience

How To Get Started?

It´s easy. Let´s meet!

from Abu Dhabi...

Horses heal all over the world. You choose your favorite program by theme or by destination and we do the rest.

...To Zanzibar

You´ll adapt new habits, make friends for life and meet horses from a completely new angle. Can´t wait to meet you!

Frequently asked questions

Some questions can be answered right away. And for the rest just reach out to us!

Who joins a retreat?

Our participants come from all walks of life. Most are women between 25-45 years with a strong desire to reach their goal of a fulfilled life.

Do I need experience?

Some destinations include optional riding and you´ll need some previous riding experience. Some destinations require a certain fitness level. Other than that, everyone is welcome! Please book a discovery call to give you more detailed orientation.

How much does it cost?

That depends on the location and the level of luxury involved. Here is a guide:
$ means under US$1000
$$ means around $1500
$$$ means around $2500
$$$$ means around $3500


"This retreat has been so impactful that I am now describing my life as "before / after Georgia". It is very difficult to describe the magnitude of the experience in words. The enormous amount of self discovery, conquering of fears, being empowered to take control of my life again are some of the many outcomes of the retreat, inspired by the magnificent horses and the beauty of nature as well as the two amazing facilitators Monica and Maria. I think everyone should have this experience at least once in their life!"

Carina, November 2021

Georgia (EU)

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